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Longfellow's Ripple Effect: Journaling With the Poet

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ca. 1903

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ca. 1903 / Maine Historical Society

A resource developed through the Longfellow and the Forging of American Identity program

Author: Kelly Clark McQuarrie, Social Studies Teacher
Erskine Academy, South China, Maine
Suggested Grade Level: 7-12
Subject Areas: Social Studies, English, Fine Arts

Learning Objectives:
This series of six lessons will give students the opportunity to become familiar with the works of Longfellow while reflecting upon how his works speak to their own experiences.

Materials and Resources Required:
Required for all assignments:
Journal or writing paper
Various craft supplies: glue, scissors, ribbon

I. Lesson plan to accompany The Song of Hiawatha (PDF)
Also required: Tape recorder (suggested)
II. Lesson plan to accompany "My Lost Youth" (PDF)
Also required: Fabric pieces
III. Lesson plan to accompany "The Fire of Drift-Wood" (PDF)
Also required: Watercolor paints and paper
IV. Lesson plan to accompany "The Bridge" (PDF)
Also required: Shoebox, jar, or other container
V. Lesson plan to accompany "Footsteps of Angels" (PDF)
Also required: Magazines and photographs
VI. Lesson plan to accompany "Psalm of Life" (PDF)
Also required: Scraps of fabric or paper