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Longfellow's Influence

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Item 19230

Choice Thoughts from Longfellow board game, 1890

Choice Thoughts from Longfellow board game, 1890 / Maine Historical Society

"Choice Thoughts from Longfellow" was published by Milton Bradley in 1890. The game consists of small pink pieces of paper with quotes from Longfellow's poems.


Item 19233

Longfellow Winter Ale, 1995

Longfellow Winter Ale, 1995 / Maine Historical Society

The Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland introduced the Longfellow Winter Ale in 1995. The label features Longfellow's picture, and quotes part of a Longfellow poem, "Often I think of the beautiful town/That is seated by the sea..."


Item 19229

Evangeline calendar, 1904

Evangeline calendar, 1904 / Maine Historical Society

This 1904 calendar depicts a scene from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's "Evangeline." Evangeline and her love Gabriel are shown as a young couple, with the quote, "May no shadow of sorrow/Fall on this house and hearth."


Item 11278

Hiawatha movie handbill, ca. 1952

Hiawatha movie handbill, ca. 1952 / Maine Historical Society

A handbill advertising the movie <em>Hiawatha</em> starring Vincent Edwards and Yvette Dugay. Also playing was Torpedo Alley.

Both movies were playing at the State Theater on Congress Street, Portland.

The poem "Hiawatha" was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882, a native of Portland.


Item 19232

Longfellow Souvenir Palette, 1882

Longfellow Souvenir Palette, 1882 / Maine Historical Society

This souvenir palette, created the year of Longfellow's death, was an advertisement for B.W. Currier & Co., a Boston clothing dealer. On the reverse is the poem "A Psalm of Life."


Item 10849

Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls

Dolly Dingle Paper Dolls / Maine Historical Society

These reproduction paper dolls, drawn by Grace G. Drayton, portray scenes from Longfellow's story "The Courtship of Miles Standish." The two males dolls are John Alden and Miles Standish, and the female doll is Priscilla Mullins.

Dolly Dingle paper dolls first appeared in <em>Pictorial Review</em> in 1913 and made appearances in the magazine through the 1920s.

Dolly Dingle paper dolls have many different themes. The artist, Grace Drayton, also created the original Campbell's Soup Kids.



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