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The Elms - Stephen Longfellow's Gorham Farm

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Field of Lot #33, ca. 2005

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Field of Lot #33, ca. 2005 / Maine Historical Society

Stephen Longfellow II was born in Byfield, Massachusetts on February 7, 1723. He graduated from Harvard in 1742, became master of the Grammar School in Falmouth (Portland) in 1745 and held many public offices such as town clerk, clerk of the Proprietors of Common Lands, Clerk of the Judicial Court, and Register of Probate for Cumberland County. He married Tabitha Bragdon of York on October 1, 1749 and fathered five children. He died in Gorham on May 1, 1790 at age 67.

On April 3, 1761 Stephen II would purchase a 100 acre lot in Narragansett Township (Gorhamtown) from Solomon Lombard for sixty-six pounds, thirteen shillings, four pence designated Lot #33 in the village later known as East Gorham.


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