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The Writer's Hour: Footprints on the Sands of Time

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Front Hall in Craigie House

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Front Hall in Craigie House / Maine Historical Society

Please step into our FRONT HALL. Neighborhood scholars, world travelers, friends, and family receive a warm welcome here. Tucked away here next to the stairs is the sculpture of the "Father of Our Country". This bust of George Washington stands about the same height as the General. It was elevated so people could see how Washington stood over six feet tall. It has a very special meaning to us since the General lived here at the start of the American Revolution! The Commander-in-Chief of the newly formed Continental Army used this house as headquarters when he planned the siege of Boston. Imagine the meetings with his generals and Indian allies. Papa described Washington in this excerpt from <em>To A Child</em>.

Once, ah, once within these walls,
One whom memory oft recalls,
The Father of his Country, dwelt.
And yonder meadows broad and damp
The fires of the besieging camp
Encircled with a burning belt.

Look up the "broad hall stairs" to the old Dutch clock made around 1750. Its rhythmic ticking gives company to the big house. Papa wrote "the silver chimes will lull you to sleep at night." The words of his poem, <em>The Old Clock on the Stairs</em>, lull me to sleep, "Forever-never, Never-forever."


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