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My Lost Youth: Longfellow's Portland, Then and Now

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Graves of the Captains, 2004

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Graves of the Captains, 2004 / Maine Historical Society

Each grave is topped with a marble slab with a fitting tribute. On Lieutenant Burrows' is written:

Beneath this Stone/ moulders/ the body/ of/ WILLIAM BURROWS/ late commander/of the/ United States Brig Enterprise/ who was mortally wounded/ on the 5th of Sept. 1813/ in an action which contributed/ to increase the fame of/ American valor, by capturing/ his Britannic Majesty's/ Brig Boxer/ after severe contest of/ forty-five minutes./ Age 28/ A passing stranger has erected this /monument of respect to the name of/ a patriot, who in the hour of peril/ obeyed the loud summons of an injured/ country, and who gallantly met,/ fought, and conquered/ the foeman.


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