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My Lost Youth: Longfellow's Portland, Then and Now

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Clay Cove, Portland, 1840

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Clay Cove, Portland, 1840 / Maine Historical Society

According to Shettleworth, Jr. and Barry, In the "Portland Gazette" of October 20, 1806, the ship carver William Garnons advertised his trade from "Clay-Cove, Fore-Street." William Willis, in his <em>History of Portland</em>, noted: "Ship building soon came to be an important auxiliary and lucrative branch of business. The ancestors of many of our present men of property laid the foundations of their fortunes in this profitable pursuit. The first ship yard in town was on the cove of India Street, which continued for the same purpose to 1850; there was another near the foot of India Street, and another between Titcomb's wharf and Clay Cove."


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