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My Lost Youth: Longfellow's Portland, Then and Now

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The Far-Surrounding Seas and the Hesperides, 2004

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The Far-Surrounding Seas and the Hesperides, 2004 / Maine Historical Society

On Munjoy Hill one can go to Fort Allen Park, stand on the embankments of the old fort and look out to Longfellow's islands. The islands that Longfellow loved as a boy remain the inspiration for all who view them now. Constructed before 1800 to protect the city, the park was rebuilt in 1814 and named in memory of Commander William Henry Allen. The main mast and navigational bridge and shield of the Naval cruiser the "U.S.S. Portland," a World War II ship, is in the park. Also in the park is a gun from the battleship "Maine."

The islands, though somewhat indistinct to the non-native eye, are, from left to right: Little Diamond, Peaks, House, and Cushing.


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